Gustavsberg Spisa Ribb Fika or Lunch Plate

Gustavsberg Spisa Ribb Fika or Lunch Plate

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One of Sweden's most important post-war designer and illustrators, Stig Lindberg, (1916-1982), created whimsical ceramics and graceful tableware during a long career with the porcelain company Gustavsberg. Here the beloved Spisa Ribb print is relaunched in the ""fika"" plate, 7"" (18 cm) or the lunch plate (22cm). Fika which in Swedish means to have a little snack or take a coffee is what Gustavsberg had in mind when they created the smaller plate. Pair either with the Gustavsberg Spisa Ribb coffee cup set to make a wonderful setting for yourself or guests. Dishwasher safe porcelain. Made in Sweden.

Fika: 7"" (18 cm)

Lunch: 8,5"" (22cm)
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