Isak Porcelain Lidded Cups Set of Two
Isak Porcelain Lidded Cups Set of Two

Isak Porcelain Lidded Cups Set of Two

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In Scandinavia drinking is a very important social and personal event. Coffee is essential for an event to be "Hyggeligt", meaning to create a cozy atmosphere. The designers at ISAK believe that putting a handle on a cup spoils its aesthetic. They enjoy a sleek appearance and a cup that can be "cupped". They have also added an oak lid to the cups to keep warm drinks warm or if drinking outside (as we all like to do), to keep unwelcome guests out of our latte. The lid also acts as a coaster if required to protect your tabletops. They also make lovely little storage jars. It's a porcelain cup with oak lid. Whether it is for a wake up morning coffee or a relaxing afternoon cup of green tea - we all have our favorite cup. This range of cups without a handle from Swedish designer Sandra Isaksson of isak, can also be useful as storage bowls.

Size: 3" tall, 3" in diameter at top, 2.5" at bottom. Sold as a set of two cups, in a wonderful gift box.

*The oak lid is made of natural wood, and will last much longer if you oil it before use.
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