Lisa Bengtsson Between Us Women Plates

Lisa Bengtsson Between Us Women Plates

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Lisa Bengtsson grew up in a little town, called Gnosjö, in Southern Sweden. Her main source of inspiration is people and she strives to invoke feeling through colors, forms, patterns and typography. She is probably best known for her whimsical line of wallpapers. Her most popular, Familjen (which means, Family), features empty picture frames and invites people to tell their own stories by filling them in. Lisa won the Elle Interiör ""Shooting Star"" design award in February, 2009 and launched her new collection of plates, themed ""Between Us Women,"" at Milan Design Week this past April. She loves old photos, things found in her grandmother's drawers and other nostalgic items. These give her the inspiration she needs to create modern designs that are intertwined with nostalgia and help her communicate a particular ""feeling.""Regarding her new plate collection, she says:""My grandmother had plates that she collected in her home and I've always loved them. This collection celebrates the women in our families. They offer us warmth, security, and a sense of belonging."" Each plate tells the story of a particular character and comes complete with an inscription on the back (in Swedish). We have six different plates currently available (from a series of twelve) so you can definitely expect that there are more to come! Lisa Bengtsson ""Between Us Women"" Plates:Choose between, Mammas Ny Tjej (MotherMormor (Grandmother) and Jag (I- mirror).

Each plate is 10,15"" in diameter (26 cm).

All the plates are machine washable and microwave safe, with the exception of the Jag (I - mirror) plate which is hand-painted with platinum (the mirror can turn black if machined washed and the metal should not be put in the microwave). Silkscreen printed ornamentation with glazing color, burned in 1200 degrees Celsius on real feldspar porcelain.

Made in Sweden. Each plate is delivered in a beautiful cardboard box with rose motif.