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Playsam Wedding Car
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Playsam Wedding Car
price:  $80.00 
Product Description
We know, we know, you run a risk buying something that isn't on the happy couple's registry, but this Playsam Wedding Car is way too adorable to pass up. Those little cans are killing us! It might not be right for every couple, but for the playful pair that appreciates good design and knick knacks, it'll be a hit!

The mission of Playsam is to shape executive wooden toys that exude charm and charisma while simultaneously stimulating the very soul of Playsams audience. The products’ capacity to appeal to the mind’s eye is equally as significant as their bright and glossy surfaces. The aim is to engage those individuals who welcome a visual challenge, demand superb quality and crave intellectual creativity—in short, lovers of executive Scandinavian design. And during over twenty years of business, doing exactly this by inspiring individuals all around the world with artistic aesthetics and ageless designs. Playsam is a haven for contemporary, cosmopolitan, classic design. Simply put, Playsam are Scandinavian design at its finest. To experience the world, you need only to open your eyes and reach out your hands.

Playsam Wedding Car
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